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Hosted Private Branch Exchange | PBX | LSAR

Hosted Private Branch Exchange | PBX

Hosted Private Branch Exchange

Modern Private Branch Exchange

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone exchange system which is created, delivered and handled by a third party service provider. Basically, Hosted PBX is an IP based technology solution which is completely provisioned and accessed via the internet. Hosted PBX is also sometimes also called cloud PBX or Hosted voice. In general, Hosted PBX offers the same features and services as a conventional private branch exchange system; however, hosted PBX removes the requirement for a physical location and managing an in-house PBX system. Usually, the service provider, telecommunications provider, builds and hosts the PBX entirely on its premises.


PBX Linked To Customers

Telephone systems via internet or IP based networks. When a call is received the hosted PBS system routes the call to the corresponding customer. In the same way, the customer is connected to the Hosted PBX through IP based phones to make the call. Often the Hosted PBX system is confused with virtual PBX however; the former offers a lot more call control features and services ascompared to the latter, specifically in the sense that it has the capability to make both inbound and outbound calls.

A hosted PBX system can free businesses from having to make big investments in expensive equipment for a complex business phone system, whilst still allowing companies to use telephony features such as voicemail, fax, automated greetings, touchtone, conference call, call auditing, call logs, menus and much more. Hosted PBX services can work over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) through the internet, or over a combination of both. One of the biggest advantages of the PBX system is that the entire equipment runs off premise. The servers can be accessed through a direct network connection. In simple terms, the service is provided through the internet. All the provided features are uniform as the service is scaled to a pre-decided size; there is no flexibility to scale up or down. But this means that the
service is constant.

Pay Per Seat Or Pay As You Grow

For instance, if you have 100 employees then you will have to pay for the amount of server space and infrastructure usage required for 100 employees. This system can lead to quite big advantages which come to the way your business operates. It is a better means to modernise your business telecommunications with the best features at quite reasonable prices.

PBX Refreshed

Over the years, ever disappointing aspect of old VoIP system has been removed, as the technology has advanced.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Hosted PBX provides a devoted bandwidth which is available at affordable rates. This makes sure that the high speed, bandwidth, and low packet latency rates remain steady.

Quality Of Standards

Hosted PBX vendors provide service level agreements which specify bandwidth guarantees nowadays. There are no more lapses in the call quality.

Choose Features

The hosted voice is now only one part of the entire slew of available tools as the bandwidth is now delivered over a dedicated fiber.