Frequently Asked Questions

Certain Question Marks That Need Some Answers

Q. How much does your service cost?

For tenants looking for office space, our service is 100% free from start to finish. We are able to offer this service because of the unique way we are funded by the office providers, and frequently companies that use London Office Search manage to negotiate better rental deals because they have complete market exposure.

Q. Need an office by this week?

Yes London Office Search have converted requirements within 72 hours of an initial call. Providing the space required is available on site, a client can move in immediately. With locations in all major cities we can guarantee that we will find out current and future availability figures and book a viewing within hours.

Subject to the business centre receiving a signed license agreement and cleared funds there is no reason why your company can not take the same week occupation.

Q. Our ethos with respect to your details?

Client information is never given or sold to any third party and is kept strictly for the use of London Office Search. Unless you have specified otherwise, and in order to ensure that we don't waste your time showing unsuitable offices, we consult with the office providers using the basic details of your office search in order for them to update us with suitable office space. The availability of which can change on a daily basis.

Q. Office Space pricing?

The typical space allocated per person is 70 sqft to 100 sqft and this excludes all common parts, toilets WC’s and meeting rooms.

Most Business Centres have put a range of prices as within a building different offices command different rents dependant on level of natural light and the size of office. The prices quoted are based on a price per person per month and this is usually inclusive of rent, business rates, service charge, furniture, electricity, lighting, heating and use of reception facilities.

Q. No prices listed on our website?

With so many properties offering so many different office rental possibilities, it would be misleading of us to print prices that can become out of date as quickly as they are added. On contacting London Office Search, we can provide you with pricing information for suitable office space.