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Hardware | Voip Peripheral Devices | LSAR

Hardware | Voip Peripheral Devices

Choice Of Hardware

There is a hardware setup which you will need to use VoIP for making calls. You may need just a headset with your computer or an entire set of network equipment which includes routers and phone adapters. Below we have mentioned all the equipment which is generally used for VoIP. No worries about the technicalities of it all as you won’t need it all. What you will need depends your business requirements and use case.

Analog Telephone Adapters

An ATA is usually known as phone adopters. It is significant equipment which is used to work as a hardware interface between an analog PSTN telephone system and a  digital VoIP line. You do not have to have an ATA if you use computer to computer VoIP, however you will use it if you get a monthly VoIP service which you will use in your office and you want to use your existing phones.

Telephone Sets

A phone set necessary for VoIP because it acts as the interface between you and the service. It works as both input and output device. There are different kinds of phones which can be used with VoIP it all depends on your circumstances, needs and choice.

VoIP Routers

In simpler terms, a router is equipment which is used for Internet connection. It is usually known as a gateway, even though technically a router and a gateway are not same. There are new equipments which encapsulate a lot of the functions that the one equipment can do work of many equipment on its own. Therefore, the one term is used to denote the different kinds of equipments. In reality, a gateway performs as a router but it has the ability to conciliate two networks which are working on separate protocols. You will need to  have an ADSL router if you do have an existing ADSL broadband connection in your company network along with a wireless router and wireless internet connection. It is worth noting that there are a lot of people that turn towards wireless routers as this also incorporate support for wired networks: they also have cable ports to which you plug in your network cables and devices. Wireless routers are a much better investment.

PC Handsets

Handsets are similar to telephones however; they connect to your PC using USB or a sound card. They work along with a softphone which allows you to use VoIP a lot more comfortably. They also can be plugged into an IP phone which allows the users which use the same phone.

PC Headsets

A PC headset is a very common form of multimedia device that allows the users to hear audio form one computer and input voice through a microphone.