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Flexible Working | Business Communications | LSAR

Flexible Working | Business Communications

Internet Phone On The Go

VoIP is a type of Internet phone which looks and feels like a normal phone, except with extra features. A key feature of VoIP system is the ‘Phone Manager’. The feature allows users to manage all their phone settings, access their voicemails and faxes received from any computer. The phone manager interface can operate through a web browser and it you can also integrate it with Outlook.

With the help of this, web facility the remote employees can check their messages and voicemails by downloading the sound files which also can be saved to the computer or can be forwarded as attachments. Whilst moving in between locations, flexible employees can go online and easily change their settings. For instance, the employees can make their calls go straight to voicemail or can redirect the calls at the location where they are at. The great thing about VoIP is not the ability to make cheap calls but the fact that it enables a smart working process and integrates with the type of flexible work implementation where very considerable cost savings. can be made- for instance rationalising property and decreasing unnecessary travel. How VoIP enhances work flexibility is discussed below.


Take Your Phone With You – No Fixed Location

VoIP means having not having to tie down to a fixed location. Once the system has been set up, a phone can be moved to any location that you want as long as the place has an active internet connection and you can start receiving calls once it’s plugged in. If someone spends a big portion of their day on the phone talking to their clients then through VoIP their routine would not be affected by working from home. All they will need to do it unplug their phone and take it home with them. They can easily carry out all their duties as usually they would at office.

Call Routing Made Easy:

Though VoIP phone system you can easily set your incoming calls to ring on multiple destinations at the same time, hence if you have staff working at office and at hoe then you can choose this feature so whoever is most ready to get the call can answer it first. On the other hand, if you want a call to ring on a specific number first before ringing on another number, this feature helps in decreasing the chances of a call going unanswered. You can also set incoming calls to ring on external landline or mobile numbers, meaning you are not just limited to forwarding calls to a VoIP phone.

Simple Conferencing

If something very important comes up where you have to talk to more than one person, sometimes a group email is just no urgent or practical enough. This is where 3-way calling comes in handy. With the help of this feature you are able to hold a mini telephonic conference with two other people, it save you the inconvenience of having to call one person at a time. It enables three people to exchange ideas at the same tie and work efficiently without having to make multiple phone calls.