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About us | LSAR

About us

What LSAR Means To Us

Do we believe in algorithms?

The extent to which mathematical solutions and logic are applied in business communication is so vast, that most of us won’t even begin to comprehend the realistic application of LSAR. From noise reduction in voice transmissions to business analysis in phone call data in business systems, LSAR is at the core of some very foundations of technology for business and communications.

We are more interested here in showcasing some partners in the Unified Communications market and as such do write about the basic business information related to the technical aspects of a business communication system that might be of help to startups and growing enterprises.

Business Logic applied to phone systems?

Gone are the days of being tied to one’s desk and waiting for the phone to ring. Nowadays, people are free moving and as such will do business on the go and also work flexibly. This makes voip phone systems a perfect business communication system which allows employees to be mobile, make and receive calls, send messages and listen or read voicemails as they try to work through their tight schedules.

LSAR is a firm believer in applying sound logic in business communications and therefore showcases that logic in the form of a comparison of modern voip phone systems in the UK. LSAR is a relatively new tech website, which has the intention to blog and share content about other innovative ideas as to how the Least Squares Auto Regressive algorithmic technique is being applied across businesses. We also intend to cover topics that are central to Startups and SMEs.

What We do

Write about VoIP

We frequently write about how VoIP as a technology helps small & medium sized businesses to grow and achieve their full potential. We are advocates of flexible working and welcome how VoIP is assisting businesses.

Build LSAR into applications

We are also reviewers of particular UI/UX whenever LSAR is being built into some applications or even research projects. If it concerns hardware, software and applications (web, native, mobile), then let us know.

IoT reviewers

We are reviewers for most things IoT and focus on peer to peer object communications and also object to human communications. We might also cover both hardware and user interactions.

Modern phone systems

We are a sister organisation of VoipBusiness, and as such we also talk about modern telephony that helps businesses grow. Let us know if you wish to integrate your systems with a modern business phone solution.

For anything LSAR related, just get in touch

If you have any questions or want us to do some UI/UX testing, then fill in the form below and of our consultants will get back to you.